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In a small English town, the winds blow cold and the old streets are looking down at heel.

Barbara watches the world from her living room window, as it keeps moving and changing. She cannot keep up with it.

New kinds of people are arriving, while old friends have passed away. Her daily companion, Blossom, returns from another funeral with gossip and sandwiches.

Together they are the very last of the Jolly Girls, a local troop of young women. It is strange to look at the old photographs and faces, remembering all that has gone and all the hopes and dreams of their youth…

But some photographs hide truths we’d prefer to forget.

A puppet stop motion animation, influenced by Alfred Hitchcock – a black comedy reflecting our times.’


Maelstrom is set in the near future, during an interplanetary war. A mismatched team of Robots are forced to challenge their own programming. What is a life worth?

Built with a deliberate recycled aesthetic, ‘Maelstrom’ will be all about practical effects and model work, with a twisting plot that is funny, dark and thought provoking.


Some trips stay with you forever – and the repercussions shape all you are.

A feel good film about skateboarding, friendship, adventure and the tolling bells of time.