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We can hire and program all the equipment necessary to create cutting edge stop-motion animation.

  • DragonFrame – The World’s best frame grabbing, stop motion software and the Industry standard. Used to control lights, camera robotics, plan lip sync and more, with ease.

  • Shoot with CANON DSLR cameras and a large range of lenses.

  • Unlimited motion control options for camera and puppets, including Ditogear, Emotimo and Edelkrone motion control systems- sliders, cranes, dolly or animators cube- we’ve got you covered.

  • Robotic control of camera focus or zoom functions. Tripods, Clamps, Magic Arms, winders and many kinds of rigs.

  • Dragonframe lighting automation and many lights, including Dedolight DLH4, larger lighting fixtures, soft boxes, gels and gobos.

  • Fully featured stop motion workshop with tools and standard materials to hand.

  • Large metal framed stages with mesh surfaces, magnets and magnetic rigs.

  • Metal and wood-working power tools and lathe, for set and armature construction.

Skatedog have maintained a dedicated Stop-Motion Studio in East London, since 2012.

All equipment and the studio space itself is hireable, with our assistance in the programming and safe use of all facilities.

It is not hireable without a supervisor.

We are able to hire facilities at a very competitive rate.

We now have an improved Motion Control cage, this time with a 3m x 2m footprint and with a dual Motion Control design. This allows us to control 2 rigs simultaneously so that, for example, Motion Control could be used to control both Camera and Puppet, thus making much bigger cinematic movements plausible. Altogether we could send to 16 different motion control channels if this was ever necessary.

We have dolly carts, miniature cranes, and several unusual motion control options, such as treadmills, converted for stop-motion.

This would allow for movements of entire sets and large scale objects.

Camera equipment, lighting and motion control systems are being continually added to and improved to allow even more ambitious results.