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John has taught Animation and Software packages to many students of all ages, across London since 2005.

Students often achieve great results much faster, due to a breadth of experience and insight into different techniques and audiences.

He’s taught in Nurseries, Infant Schools, Junior Schools, Senior Schools, BTEC and A level Colleges, Universities, Post Graduate level, Adult Education (a lot) and even taken on Internships for advanced students.

John has also worked one to one with adult animators, younger students and students with special educational needs.

He has taught courses in Stop Motion, Adobe After Effects, Autodesk Maya and the History of Animation.

In 2015 John designed and taught a 33 week, Art Foundation Level course, that covered all modes of animation at Morley College, Waterloo, London.

He currently teaches at The City Literary Institute, or Citylit, for short, in Covent Garden, London, on the year long animation course. John also teaches Adobe After Effects and other courses at City Lit.

If you would like to learn more about animation, get in touch.

Covid permitting, we plan to teach students privately in small classes. From Story and Production Design, through to Puppet and Armature Construction, we aim to provide an access point for students to experience how it is really done, in intensive, supported workshops, that build towards realising students own projects.