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We work with 2D and 3D animated content, using modern technology but with an approach based on traditional animation skills.


Stop-Motion Animation is our personal favourite of all the different animation approaches. We are particularly fond of puppet animation and all the areas of craft it demands.

Luckily, many artists have led the way before us, and we sit humbly on the shoulders of Giants Like Ladislas Starewich, Ray Harryhausen, Garri Bardin and Susie Templeton.

We have created stop motion animation for many clients including: Somethin’ Else Productions ( For Channel 4) and for CSC Media ( for Lego), as well as commercial clients like Sainsburys, and for Theatre ( Make Do and Mend.)

Skatedog have created animation for theatre to critical acclaim.

We have created all the animated world and puppet stop motion content for the successful children’s Theatre show ‘At The End of Everything Else’- for Make do and Mend Theatre Company- Director Mark Arends.

This show premiered at The Unicorn Theatre, London and has toured extensively throughout the UK, Europe and several International venues.

Skatedog also collaborated with Love and Will Productions and Amoeba Animation to create visuals for Daisy Campbell’s acclaimed theatre piece ‘Cosmic Trigger’  about the life and work of Robert Anton Wilson and Ken Campbell (Daisy’s father) and much, much more…


Recently we worked with the MYCELLIUM Theatre company to develop animation for a proposed one man show titled ‘ HG Wells And The Spiders From Mars’, which was going to be a musical romp with stop motion projected sets and creatures from Mars and Venus – this project was underway when lockdown put it into stasis. We still hope this show might return, as it was very funny and exciting project.


Skatedog are developing in- house IP shows. ‘Jolly Girl’ is the first ‘proof of concept’ episode of our series, ‘Hope Lees’. It is now out and about on the film festival and competition circuit.

So far we’ve picked up Laurel Leaves from New York , LA and Harrogate! The film is a double-length, pilot episode for our series, which is set in a Fictional Northern Town, in a Fictional Northern Time. It runs at 16 Minutes and is a dark comedy about bitterness and spite, with nods to Hitchcock.

It has been praised for it’s strong script and performances and features an original score by the amazing, BAFTA recognised composer, Andrea Possee- absolutely channelling her inner Bernard Herrmann.

The ‘Hope Lees’ series will run at 8 episodes per season, with a running time of 8 minutes per episode. We will get to know more of the residents and visitors and watch as their stories intertwine with the fate of the town itself.

Also in development, we have a science fiction series, currently titled, ‘Maelstrom’ – again, this is planned to be episodic and feature strong story arcs and multiple characters. ‘Maelstrom’ centres around a mismatched team of Robots in a war zone. More on this later!

Other plans include 2D drawn animated projects as well – but they will remain under wraps for a little longer.