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Skatedog are John Horabin and Penny Layden. We are partners in real life as well as in Skatedog.

Collectively we have a very wide skill set, enabling us to devise and build Animation and Live Action projects.

Penny Layden

Penny Layden

Penny is an Actor and Voice Over Artist, with an extensive CV in Theatre, Film and Television.
Her history of developing new writing, primarily for theatre, means that she brings extensive dramaturgical knowledge to the Skatedog writing process.

Another of Penny’s acknowledged talents is her vocal range and excellent ear for accents and character voices.

Penny is the main model maker and Art Designer on the current Skatedog Project, ‘Jolly Girl’.

John Horabin

John Horabin

John has animated since he was 12, inspired by Star Wars to grab a Super 8 Camera and create Animation and Special Effects.
After completing a Philosophy degree and becoming an internationally acclaimed Punk Rock singer, in 2004 John returned to animation, via digital animation and CGI- but was soon recaptured by stop motion animation.

Since then, we’ve been building the business and continually raising the bar of our animated projects, working for numerous clients in the world of Advertising, TV, Film and Theatre.
We established a permanent Skatedog Stop Motion Studio in 2012, joining the artist organisation Artcore.

John has the additional skills of Digital Film Editing and extensive experience of working with Sound and Music. He is also an experienced Compositor, enabling us to keep the vast majority of production tasks in house.

Having taught animation since 2005 to all age ranges, demographics and to every possible level of qualification from BTEC to Post Grad, John has hundreds of students who have become professional and amateur animators successfully through his tutelage, and a lot more friends as a result. Currently teaching a variety of courses at City Literary Institute, Covent Garden, London.